Feature Stories

Renewable Materials student Caleb Gee is working with Dr. Mike Milota to test a new moisture meter designed to quickly provide the moisture content of sawdust and shavings.

This is one of the more unique requests we've received in recent years - help with identifying some of the wood components of a 1912 Jackson automobile.  To cut to the chase - what wood did they use?  Sweetgum! (a.k.a. red gum or simply gum).

Dr. John Simonsen is partnering with EcNow Tech, a Corvallis company providing sustainable products to a variety of industries to produce a novel ice cream spoon. The project is funded by Oregon BEST and is just now getting underway. The new spoon will be compostable and made of a bioplastic filled with local renewable materials. Thus it will be compostable and sustainable.  See College of Engineering blog for more information.

Drs. Ari Sinha, Lech Muszynski, and Andre Barbosa, Faculty Research Assistant Milo Clauson, and graduate student Anthonie Kramer recently examined the bending stiffness and strength of massive (8'x40') engineered timber composites.

Wood-Based Composite Science Short Course

Bike helmets from renewable materials - Milo Clauson, John Nairn, and Scott Leavengood assisted Corvallis entrepreneur Dan Coyle make his vision a reality. The wood and cork helmets stole the show at the recent PDX Bicycle Show. See Bikeportland.org article for the details.

Dr. Scott Leavengood and several colleagues in the College of Forestry are participating in a 5-year, $40 million, USDA NIFA funded, research and outreach project.  The Northwest Advanced Renewables Alliance (NARA) project is focused on developing a biofuels industry in the northwest with a specific emphasis on the use of biomass for jet fuel.