Lumber Drying Workshop

How to Dry Lumber for Quality & Profit Workshop


Kiln operators, supervisors, and others associated with industrial lumber drying have benefited from How to Dry Lumber for Quality and Profit, offered annually at OSU since 1949.  It has been revised and updated, to an online format.  Participants will gain an understanding of

  • wood structure, how water moves through it, and how internal stress is developed and relieved.
  • controlling the temperature, relative humidity, and air velocity to create drying schedules that remove water quickly while minimizing defects and stress and maintaining color.
  • the components of kiln heating, humidification, and airflow systems, how they operate, and how they are controlled and maintained.
  • lumber is prepared for drying and protected after drying including sorting, stacking, charge preparation, and dry track management,
  • quality control procedures needed to consistently produce quality lumber in a cost effective way,
  • the demands placed on the kiln operator by the sawmill and planer and how to be safe around kilns.

How to Dry Lumber for Quality and Profit is offered at two levels, Basic and Complete.



Lumber Drying Basics is designed for personnel who assist at the kiln or prepare lumber for the kiln from sorting to loading. Supervisors at the sawmill or planer as well as mill QC personnel will find this course more appropriate than Lumber Drying Complete.

Self-paced only (available anytime)



Lumber Drying Complete contains more detail for personnel who directly oversee kiln operation or may be in that role soon. All the concepts from Lumber Drying Basics are included plus more information and discussion on psychrometrics, maintenance, schedules, how kilns work, reducing costs, saving energy, and kiln management strategies.

Self-paced (available anytime) or Webinar format (available Oct. 12 to Dec 11, 2020)


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Program sponsored by the Wood Science & Engineering Department at Oregon State University, the Oregon Wood Innovation Center, and Wood Moisture Solutions LLC.