Renewable Materials student Caleb Gee is working with Dr. Mike Milota to test a new moisture meter designed to quickly provide the moisture content of sawdust and shavings.


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Are you an Innovation Leader? - the 7th publication in our Executive Innovation Briefs - Have a look!

New publication - Business Model Innovation: The basic point of this article is that business model innovation is an opportunity, beyond traditional product and process innovations that are normally discussed. The authors define it as the way a company does business, involving various stakeholders. In other words, it is a bundle of activities that together serve to satisfy the needs of the market.



Driving Innovation Success

You're already lean. And you know you have to innovate or die. But what exactly should you do in order to reach the heights of innovation success? …

How to Dry Lumber for Quality and Profit

The purpose of this course is to provide a basic understanding of wood and how to dry it.  Practical, up-to-date information will be provided on wood properties and…

Quality Control in Wood Products Manufacturing

Course Description This workshop will introduce participants to many of the key tools of quality control – brainstorming, Pareto charts, checksheets, flowcharts, cause-and-effect diagrams, design of…

OWIC Innovation Days

Join us for the third annual OWIC Innovation Days!  Participants will have the opportunity to: Network with our students, your future employees Learn about cutting‐edge…